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The Butterfly Gatekeeper

Summer, 1940: War rages on and Hitler has set his sights on Switzerland. 


When elite Swiss agent Aliya Reichmann is sent on a daring mission to test ‘Zeus’ - her government’s only negotiating tool against Nazi invasion - she knows failure means her country will fall. 


In a postcard-perfect English village, brother and sister, Richard and Katherine Abbott feel the war is passing them by. That is, until Aliya’s plane crashes in the farmland near their home, putting her mission in jeopardy — and throwing the siblings into the eye of the storm.


With the fate of Switzerland hanging in the balance, tensions rise. Aliya’s world begins to unravel – and Katherine and Richard find out just how far Aliya is willing to go to save those she was chosen to protect…


Inspired by Operation Tannenbaum (Hitler’s planned invasion of Switzerland) THE BUTTERFLY GATEKEEPER is a gripping and unforgettable story about sibling love, heartbreak and betrayal set in World War II England, Switzerland, and Nazi occupied Poland.


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